The top safest cars to buy in 2022

There are quite a few advantages to buying a new car rather than an older model, but one of the big ones is safety. New cars are more structurally sound and have dozens of additional safety features that make them much safer than their older counterparts. However, newer models can be expensive, so which vehicles should you look at when on a budget? Here are the top five safest models in 2022


These are some of our most recommended types of vehicles on account of their many advantages. For example, they’re cost-effective while also offering enough safety features. This means they’re great choices for those who want a new vehicle but can’t afford an extravagance like an SUV or truck. Sedans can be used for lots of everyday functions – such as driving kids to school or taking them shopping – so we recommend considering one if you need a car for work purposes, too.


A decade ago, it was difficult to find any SUV or crossover under $20k. Today, there are dozens of models under that price point with an assortment of safety features ranging from advanced airbags and crash test ratings (like Top Safety Pick+), all-wheel drive, blind spot monitoring, park assist and collision mitigation systems.


A minivan is a car with 3 or more seats that usually has sliding doors. Minivans are often categorized as compact MPVs. These vehicles are typically powered by gasoline and have an automatic transmission, though some models have a manual transmission. Minivans are popular among families for their flexible seating and cargo-carrying capabilities.


Even though they’re some of most stylish cars on today’s market, convertibles are often overlooked by safety experts. A convertible has a smaller frame than its hardtop or SUV counterparts, and as such it can be vulnerable to rollovers when on high-speed turns. As such, it should not be a surprise that convertible models have a tendency to score lower on crash test ratings.


In terms of safety, these small vehicles are a lot like sedans but provide a tad more versatility when it comes to packing and transporting cargo. In addition, hatchbacks come equipped with somewhat greater fuel efficiency than most other vehicle types. For these reasons and more, hatchbacks are usually safer investments than sedans and SUV’s alike.

Sports coupes

These vehicles are fast, stylish and fuel efficient. Dodge has just come out with a new sports car that gets 40 MPG but costs only $20,000. You can’t beat that price with other types of vehicles. Sports coupes and sedans have long been staples of driving fun at a value price point. If you’re looking for a safe vehicle on a budget, one of these is it.


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